What is White Listing? And How it Affects Real Estate Listings.

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What is White Listing? And How Does it Affects my Real Estate Listings?

Pixel 360 White-Listed Tour

Tour published and created by Pixel 360 Solutions.

What is White Listing? 

In today’s blog, we will go over everything you need to know about White-listing and how it can impact your Real Estate business and listings. To start, lets talk a little bit about what white-listing is and how it affects Virtual tours and Real Estate Photography providers. White-listing is when a service provider or company delivers a product with no branding of themselves on the sold product and instead puts in your Business information/Realtor information. Many companies are dipping their feet into the world of Virtual Tours and along with that comes a multitude of different approaches and techniques to try to provide the best service. Because of this, many companies have decided that laying an imprint of their company with links to their product is the way to proceed despite the fact that the tour and product itself represents your product and your brand as a Business and Realtor.

Matterport Penthouse Demo Tour

How does White-listing Affect Me and My Real Estate Business?

While advertising like this may not bother some, for others it can be the determining factor when choosing a Virtual Tour provider, or even when a client is choosing their realtor. Lets take Matterport for example, at first glance tours are much like what is used at Pixel 360 Solutions, with a few key differences. The first difference and the difference we will focus on in this article is the branding stamp labeled “Powered by Matterport”.  When comparing this practice to other large tour companies like I-Guide, both companies take the same approach to brand Matterport and I-Guide respectively as one of the first things seen when viewing a tour. This allows clients and consumers to take note of providers and to help said providers reach-out to new Realtors.

IGuide Tour Demo

This However is amazing opportunity to let buyers know what Agent Group the property is from along with attributing the presented properties Realtor in a “Presented By” tag as highlighted below. 


What Does this Mean for my Business and Real Estate Properties.

If you are one that wants to get the full benefit of Virtual Tours and Real Estate marketing, consider doing research on what companies offer white-listed products and which do not. While there are companies that provide 360° White-listed Photos as a “Virtual Tour” they lack the 3D component of a Virtual Tour that provides deeper insight of a property when learning about it online. While Matterport does not provide the option to White-list tours, there are less known providers that offer the same features as Matterport Plus more. Read more about Virtual Tours. What do you think about White-listing? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!