Using Showcasing to Get and Win More Listings

Have you wondered, how can I get more listings? Or maybe, how am I not winning my listing appointments? Believe it or not, it may have to do with your listing showcasing!

Some say that first impressions are everything, and this is even true in Real Estate showcasing. Although the value that a Real Estate agent brings is invaluable to a home seller, Photography/showcasing is widely agreed to be the single most important factor in selling a home. And it isn’t a secret to just realtors! To a buyer, the only thing they care about when looking at a listing is the looks, and sellers feel that same way. Some buyers and sellers will go out of their way to research you to see not only what showcasing you implement, but also things like average listing time. There are many first-hand examples I have of buyers and sellers greatly expressing how much more they love listings and homes with high-quality showcasing. But what about the cost? Isn’t this more expensive? These are great questions to think about but have a little more complex answer than just a yes or no answer. However, before we go too deep let’s talk about the basics of Real Estate Photography and Showcasing.

You may be asking, how can you say that showcasing is the most important thing to a listing? This is answered by the NAR 2019 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, where it is said that to buyers “Online websites were seen as the most useful information source at 93 percent.”. This means that your online showcasing including Photos, Floor Plans, Virtual Tours, and other showcasing is the main draw to your listings. Although a listing may be perfect for a potential buyer, those bad photos or unusable virtual tours will flip their interest in an instant. Let’s take a look at a simple example that shows what kind of an improvement there is between an out of camera shot and the same shot that was bracketed correctly and fully edited.


Now put yourself into the position of a buyer or seller and ask yourself, which one looks better? Which would you choose to showcase your home? Would you be happy having it be a part of the biggest transaction in your life?


Many times in the rush and excitement of business and real estate, it is easy to forget the significance buyers and sellers feel about the home buying or selling process. Buying and selling a home is the biggest transaction most people make in their lifetime. Subsequently, buyers and sellers alike are typically very keen on their chosen realtor. Many times, except in situations of trusted referrals, a seller will heavily look into a realtor before choosing them to list their house.  leading-edge 3D tour software While there are many options for showcasing a home virtually, not all are made equal. Large companies will not provide the best solution and many times there is more quality showcasing from local photographers and companies like Pixel 360. And with the evolution of modern real estate showcasing there are more opportunities now than ever before to sell homes fast and efficiently while attracting and winning new listings.

Zillow Virtual Tour. Functional, but highly restrictive and much lower image and tour quality.

Take a look at the examples above and take note of the quality difference including lighting, image warping, and presentation.

For Virtual tour creation tips, visit our Virtual Tour Best Practices Blog.

This summer more than others, we have seen that high-quality tours and photos impact a listing now more than ever before. At this point, it is up to you to make the decision on what showcasing is right for your properties. And while better showcasing may cost more in your area, the largest realtors in Colorado have found that the offset of gaining more listings and selling homes faster highly outweighs the fifty dollars that you would save going with a subpar provider.

But! We want to hear what you think in the comments! How have you seen showcasing affect buyers and sellers? Do you value showcasing quality? What do you find most important in a listing? Let’s start a conversation!

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