About Pixel 360 Solutions

Co-Owner Eli Osteroos

Co-Owner Elliot Osteroos

family Owned and Operated

Founded in early 2019, Pixel 360 Solutions is Family owned and operated by brothers Eli, and Elliot Osteroos. We have done extensive research on virtual tours and photography packages to bring you and your business the best available options in Colorado. We constantly research improvements to our offered services so that you are always getting the best products available!

Growing up deeply involved with the arts scene in Colorado we understand the importance of presenting and delivering the highest quality of work possible. With Elliot’s unique experience with Videography, visual design, and sales, combined with Eli’s knowledge of virtual tours, photography, and visual design,  we have learned to love the ever growing culture of Colorado. Besides the listed skills, we have built experience creating websites for businesses across the US. This led us to invest time to learn about a variaty of topics like ad creation and SEO work. We care deeply about our home of Colorado and strive to help as many people as possible achieve more from their real estate ventures. 

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