Top 5 Tips to Increase Curb Appeal and Draw More Buyers

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Top 5 Tips to Increase Curb Appeal and Draw More Buyers

Gorgeous American home with blue exterior and white trim.

Why Care About Curb Appeal?

Showing a potential buyer your home for the first time is much like meeting someone for the first time, with the first impression being the most important thing in them deciding whether they like or dislike the property. While this is not always the deciding factor of whether a property is liked (we must remember to see what’s on the inside before fully judging), first impressions are very important. In today’s Blog we will talk about some ways and tips you can affordably increase your homes curb appeal to ensure it gains the respect it deserves!



5. Take Time to Clean/Brush up Property Exterior

When cleaning the exterior of your home the first step is to pick the right day to do it. Obviously it is much better to work with water hoses and brushes on a warm day! The second step is to protect all exterior elements that may be harmed or damaged by cleaning supplies, we suggest using plastic wrap or plastic sheets with tape to protect trims and outlets. It is also best to use a tarp to protect any plants or growth around the property. It is best to use a pressure hose but if like many you do not have access to one a normal garden hose will work fine. Typically a solution of water and dish soap is enough to rid your houses exterior of stains and gunk but for heavier mildew and other such stains it is recommended to use a mixture of oxygen bleach, dish soap, and water. Washing and cleaning the exterior of your home can have an immense effect on the overall look of the property and can greatly increase the curb appeal for home searching buyers.



4.Consider Having your Shingles/Roof Cleaned

Unlike the past point of your homes exterior we will not go into the details of how you can clean your roof but it is something to consider. There are many professional roofing companies and independent companies who offer services like roof and shingle cleaning. However roof and shingle cleaning is very selective as to whether it will add to the curb appeal of your home. Some questions to ask yourself would be. How visible is the roof when viewing the house? Are there visible stains that make parts of the roof look different than others? These are all things to consider before spending the money to hire a professional to clean your roof. It is highly advised to check prices as many times a simple job such as this can be overpriced due to a couple different factors such as availability and time of the year.



3. Create a Welcoming Front Door/Pathway

American craftsman two level house exterior. Nice landscape design around. Northwest, USA


Have you ever walked up to a house and felt like you have just entered a magical pathway to wonderland? Well maybe not, but you can still get some degree of this by creating a welcoming front door and patio with a path leading up. Like we discussed in our recent blog on home improvements we talked about how homes with charcoal, smokey black, or jet black doors sell for a $6,271 premium. This alone is a wonderful and easy way to add a neutral curb appeal element for home buyers. In addition to this, like pictured above, having a stone pathway leading to your front door can add a special feeling when viewing the house that is hard to achieve otherwise. In further addition to this having ambient lighting to light such pathways and garden areas can add a very inviting and warm feeling to the property.



2. Keep Up on Basic Property Maintenance

Keeping up on basic Property Maintenance might sound like a trivial thing but it plays a very important part in the curb appeal of your home. When factors like this are neglected for too long it becomes much harder and sometimes costly to fix anything that is past the road of return.This can include anything from weeding to lawn mowing to picking up property debris and includes all of the small things that go together and make your home look amazing! If you live in areas where there are lots of trees or brush ensure to have regular brush trimming and tree removal to eliminate dead trees that make the property look dark. All of this together helps to make any property more appealing from a first glance. 



1. See your Home as a Buyer and Get a Second Opinion

Have you ever heard the expression, viewing the world with rose colored lenses? It is meant to say that sometimes you cannot see the red flags or things that are not the way they should be. This applies heavily when looking at any angle of your home to improve or brush up before selling, and the outside curb appeal is no different. It is highly recommended by many outlets to get a second neutral opinion on what you should work on for your specific home. While we pointed out important things that will increase the curb appeal of your home the best way to do this is to work with an experienced realtor to guide you through making your home appeal to as many buyers as possible. This can also play into the point of viewing your home as a buyer and not the owner. While this can be hard to distance yourself even doing so a little will help you point out the things in your property that you will think “Yea, that needs to be fixed”.


We hope our blog helps you to make informed decisions for you and your property. Be sure to read our other blogs and share your thoughts with us in the comments!